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Why did I start my own business online?

Having those great “start your own business ideas“ is not always enough to get things started

Having those great “start your own business ideas“ is not always enough to get things started

I should know, because after many years of investing a lot of money and time on online businesses it took a 35$ last ditch effort before I got it right and became successful. The idea is simple, the products are enjoyed by the many and the income potential is massive.

How to run your own business

I realized that it was not about the amount of money I put into the business, it was about what I was doing and why I was doing it. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t need to invest something into my business, because of course buying a host and a domain name is still something that we need if we are working online. However, it does mean that action will always out weights ideas by a long shot.

Doing nothing means nothing will happen!

In the past, I was in oar of those old school network marketers who could attract people to their businesses by just being there, but it takes a special type to have that persona. When I look at myself I see an average guy, a bit social and a bit shy like most of the population. I recall a dear friend of mine and a very successful network marketer or as he likes to say a relationship marketer told me about his day. Yes, of course I tried to emulate and use some of his ideas but at the end of the day he is who he is and I am me.

So, what is the solution to this dilemma?

There is always an alternative to speaking or reaching out to prospects face to face and of course that can be apart of any business strategy. However the online marketer still holds the advantage of being able to reach out, educate, influence and charm people into their business via the internet considering there is getting on for about 2 billion people surfing the web.

Start your own business ideas

How to do online business as a network marketer?

Well, most of us start working online with the belief that all our friends will join our business, because they see us sharing our great business opportunity on Facebook or twitter, but unfortunately nothing is that simple. The main reason for working online is to avoid the friends and family conflicts and arguments that arises when we continually ask them to join our business. The reality is that the majority of your relations will not join your business or buy your products and hate you for asking them in the first place.

Your success will be the best marketing campaign you will ever need if you ever want to attract friends and family, but because of the way I do business online I have never had the need to incorporate them even though I am asked on a weekly bases on how everything is going in my business.

There is a tough realization that for all of us starting to work online and that is; running a network marketing business online takes time, a lot of work and a belief that you are speaking to people that are interested in what you are offering. So, be prepared before putting all your efforts into online network marketing, learn from someone who know and choose a product that customers want.

How to do online business

What are the benefits of running online businesses that work

I would consider that the main benefit of conducting your network marketing business online is that you are talking to your potential customers 24/7 and globally while your traditional network marketing competition is speaking to their customers maybe a few hours a day at its best and normally locally.

Among the traditional network marketers there are some kings that have been massively successful but the majority have little or no success and become disillusioned with the industry and never return after having such a bad experience.

On the other hand the online method has its bad press for a different reason. Mainly, many feel it's too difficult and complex for the averaged person to understand. Yes, someone new to working online will need to learn some new skills, but they will need to learn new skills regardless what MLM method they use. From my experience you don’t need to be a computer nerd to become a successful online marketer.

The basic skills that are needed is the ability to write content and add it to your blog. Once you have created a few articles and added them to your Wordpress or Wix blog your skills will develop fast. What is more important is what type of products you want to market.

How to start my own online business

Typically new online marketer pick a product that they personally like, which is fine, if it falls under the criteria below. The product line should be:

Yes, I am sure you are asking, “Why does a company need to understand it why?” because in this industry customer don’t care what you do, they care why you do it. So, a company or product with a mission will benefit your online persona a lot.

What is the best way to start a business online and be successful

Whatever blog, website or social media platform you want to use, there is a list of tools and information that is vital for monetizing your online business.

There should be:

Where can I learn how to do online business?

If you have had enough of asking friend and family to join your latest business opportunity then join us and we will help you be successful for the first time in a network marketing business. If you have every wondered why and how some people working online can get so many warm leads and recruit so many distributors, well we will show you how.

This is not an easy fix or a get rich quick scheme. You will not be rich by next friday, but you will learn how to make money online which will allow you to integrate this method into other parts of your life. Yes, it takes hard work but the results speak for themselves.

How to start your own business online?

We have a low cost start up for as little as 35$ / 20€ / £20 which will get you a free product webshop, back office, access to a high quality product line and there is no monthly fee. In addition, we offer free training on building online businesses that work.

To get started click on the get started button below and someone with get back to you asap….

How to start your online business

If you have any further questions about the products, the company, the business opportunity or myself so you to can learn how to run your own business online - Click here and we will send you some information straight away.

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